Bracelet Sizes

All bracelets are made to an approximate size that fits most people, however, if you would like to have a bracelet made with your exact wrist size, please follow the instructions below.

Measure your wrist with a flexible, soft tape measure just below the bone (below the bone is after your wrist bone, towards your hands). This is your actualmwrist size. Please do not add to this measurement for clasp or any extra room.

Adjustments will be made to ensure a proper fit. The tape measure should touch the skin but not tight.

Another good idea is to measure a bracelet that you already have to get your bracelet size (please let us know if you are including the clasp in the length of the bracelet when measuring).

If you are purchasing a bracelet as a gift and don’t have their wrist size, you can consider this scale. Please bear in mind that these sizes are generalized.

Small – 7”
Small Plus – 7-1/4”
Medium – 7-1/2”
Medium Plus – 7-3/4”
Larger – 8” up

Children’s Bracelet Sizes

To determine a child’s bracelet size, please choose the size that accompanies the age. If you can, measure her wrist carefully just below the bone as above.

Newborn – 4”
3-6 months –  4.5”
6-12 months – 4.75”
18-24 months – 5”
2 years – 5.5”
3 years – 5.75”
4-5 years – 6”
6-7 years – 6.5”
8-12 years  -7”